PATINA Tool show shopping…

Still catching up on my posts after coming back from Vacation.  This post is just a “show off” or “tool gloat” post.

Shown in the picture from the Top Left.

2 different width paring chisels- these are not as common as they used to be, and these look nice.  I learned to use them at the Woodwrights Shop and I wanted a couple for myself.

Mortise Chisel – looks like a buck brothers handle on a different bland blade.  The tip was extremely hollow ground, like on an 8″ grinder wheel, I’ll need to fix that up, but for the price ($12) it was worth trying to fix.

Moving Fillister Plane – This was my big score, and made the drive worth it.  I paid $27, and I should have bought both they had.  I set it up and tried it out this weekend, and it worked great after a quick sharpen.  I love this tool, Roy was right.

Gimlet – I got it for cheap with the Fillister plane, and I’ll try it out later.

Mortising Gauge – I needed one after taking Roy’s Mortise and Tenon class, and this one was $7 (but he took $5) and needs a little TLC, but is in good enough shape to use.

Try Square – I used on like this at Roy’s class, and wanted my own.   I only had flat contractor squares in the shop.

Stanley Spokeshave – I need a good spokeshave for my bowsaw project, and this looks workable.  The two I picked up for cheap at Harbor Freight are worthless (big surprise) and I need one that is built better.

That’s all for now, I got some shop time today, and I’ll post some results later…


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