Pen Styles

Pen Styles Currently Available

Here is a listing of pen types that I can make, in a variety of wood to show them off. Price ranges are mentioned if possible, but this is just a guide because prices can vary depending on plating options, and wood types.

Ballpoint Pens

(These pens generally take Cross ™ compatible refills, or the Parker ™ style refill.)

Slimline Pen

This pen has a slender profile and is comfortable pen for everyday writing. The pen features a twist action on the pen, and uses a Cross ™ style refill. Shown here in gold plating with angle cut bamboo for the wood. I make the pen with gentle curves for a nice comfortable grip. Price Range: $25 – $35

Bamboo Slimline

Cigar Pen

A slightly thicker pen, with a bold look to it. The Cigar pen features a twist action on the pen, and uses a Cross ™ style refill. Shown here in gold plating and black accents in Tigerwood. Price Range: $30- $45

Cigar pen

“Polaris” Style Pen

A slightly thicker barreled body, this pen features a twist style mechanism and a Parker style ball point refill. Comfortable to hold and write with, this is a good pen. Example shown here in the platinum plating, and a wonderful spalted Cherry wood. Price range $45 -$60

Polaris Pen

“Sierra” Style Pen

Another thicker barreled ballpoint, this pen has nice accents and a good shape to it. Uses a a Parker style ball point refill as well, and is a little lighter and longer than the Polaris. Example showing in Chrome Plating, with FSC Certified sustainably harvested Tigerwood. Price Range $45-$60

Tigerwood Sierra Pen

Teacher’s Pen

A pen similar to the standard slim line, but with a twist! The pen is double sided, and comes with Black and Red ink usually, and is called a “Teachers” pen because it is handy for grading papers. Would make a good gift for a teacher or administrative type who needs two colors of ink handy at all times. The pen shown here is made with Bamboo in the center and Walnut (black ink end) and Bloodwood (red ink end). Price Range: $25 – $35

Teachers Pen

Rollerball Style Pens

“The Baron” rollerball

Shown here in Maple and Purpleheart wood. This style pen is my new favorite upscale style pen, it’s very comfortable to write with, and makes a very impressive statement. The rollerball refill gives a very smooth writing action, and is a pleasure to use. Price Range $55 – $70

Baron Pen

Baron Rollerball Uncapped

Ink Pens

This is a new style of pen for me, a ink dip pen that accepts standard sized calligraphy nibs. Examples shown here Bloodwood with a Bamboo stripe (upper) and Bubinga with Holly accents (lower). Price Range $25 – $35

Ink Pen in Bloodwood

Ink Pen in Bubinga


Slimline Pencil

This pencil has a slender profile like the slimline pen and is comfortable pen for everyday writing or drawing. The pencil features a standard click action mechanical pencil, and uses standard 0.7mm lead. Shown here in “segmented” Walnut and Tulipwood. Price Range: $25 – $35

Segmented Pencil