About Badger Woodworks

How did this all get started?

I love working with wood, especially some of the exotic species that look so wonderful.  But, I have a sort of guilt when I think of what finite resource some of these species are.  It was sort of a back and forth for a while, but then I discovered a solution.  There are other people out there who care about wood, but want to make wood available.  FSC, and other certification bodies are helping timber producing countries produce wonderful wood for us woodworkers, while keeping the resource around for years to come using sustainable techniques.  These techniques actually benefit the countries, since they get income from the wood, but the resource is maintained and healthy.

Then I discovered a new material, well at least new to me, Bamboo.  That and a timely discovery of Pen, Pencil, and other project kits from wood turning suppliers let me combine the two together to make wonderful useful everyday objects, that feel great, look great, and best of all don’t contribute to reduction of a resource.  With the support and encouragement of my family and friends I decided to start this business.

Who is Badger and why do the call you that?

My real name is not badger.  It’s just a nickname I picked up ages ago, and have been using online for a long time.  It started sticking in real life because of the introduction of email communication, where I tended to sign my emails ‘badger’.  After meeting a number of people online then in real life the name began to stick in real life.  When it came time to pick a name for my business, I thought of many different names, but the one I always came back to was Badger Woodworks.

What is your Mission?

My “mission” with Badger Woodworks is to produce objects in woods that are from responsible sources whenever possible.  It’s not always easy to find great woods that are known to be harvested sustainably, but I will make my goal to try and find those woods, and to use those woods whenever possible.