Stanley Number 5 all cleaned up

I had a little time today before starting up my production line of pens for the big order.  I took a bit to finish cleaning and tuning the new Stanley #5 jack plane I got yesterday.

I didn’t need to do a lot since most of the rust was surface level, and the grime was easily removed.  I took a pass at the blade, and I got it reasonable sharp but it’s going to need a little more work  I think.  It’s been rounded a bit too much, and they put a back bevel on it that is going to take some work to back to flat.  I did “scary sharp” sandpaper method through 600 grit, and then switched to my combination white/black Arkansas stone. Got some decent shavings off of some tricky maple, but like I said it’s going to take some work.

I also got rid of most of the “institutional green” color that the school had painted on the heel.  Just a light scraping and some wire brush work, and it came loose pretty quick.  Plus I tuned up the knob a little, removed some of the paint, grime, and glue that was on it.  It happened to fit onto my pen mandrel, so I just pressed it on and sanded away.  A couple coats of Walnut oil, and it looks much better.

All in all, for $5, this is a fantastic plane.

Now, lunch and back to work on the pens, I’m 12 into the 16 I need.


  1. Torch02 April 27, 2010

    What cleaner did you use on the surface rust and grime?

  2. Badger April 27, 2010

    WD-40 actually.

    I put down some newspaper, and sprayed it liberally over the plane body. Then after letting it soak a bit I added a little more and went to work with a wooden handled wire brush. Wiping it over every so often with a paper towel, and keeping it coated but not soaked with the WD-40 seemed to do the trick.

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