Teaching Turning…

A coworker has been coming over, and I’ve been teaching him to make pens for his wedding. The first night I did it all, talked through the process in detail. Last night, Danual got to do some turning of his own.

He was totally self taught, and a bit of beginner, and we worked on technique and process while he did it.  He’d been getting it done, but I was able to pass on some tips and trick and good technique as he worked.  His turning improved dramatically over the night, and he produced a fine Cocobolo slimline last night.

It’s a little strange to me (and a little not) at how easy it was for me to “instruct” on a subject.  Strange because I don’t feel like I’m a master like many of the folks I interact with online, but also not strange because I do love to teach what I know.  All in all we had a good time, and the pen turned out quite nice.


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