Twin Screw Vise

Did some cleaning and organizing tonight. I got about a half hour to play, but then it was the kiddo’s bed time.

I did get enough time to accomplish a few things.

1. Clean and oil the long jointer plane I picked up last month. Pictures later after I clean up the blade and give it a try.

2. Give myself a nasty sliver, which required major excavation to get most of it. Note to self: go buy better tweezers specifically for splinters. We couldn’t get all of it. Ouchie. The band aid is also making it hard to type. I suffer, I tell you SUFFER!

3. Cleared enough space to try out something I read about on the internet about historical twin screw vises. I snagged a “book press” at a PNTC gathering a month or so back. quick as you like, I have a twin screw vise.

twin screw vise

Thank you Chris Schwarz. You rock.


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