A couple of keychains

I haven’t done any pen-kit style turning in a while, but I’ve been meaning to make these kits for a while.  I got a handful of these on sale a while back and never got around to making them.  I decided to make a present for my wife this afternoon, and turned these little guys out of the mystery wood offcuts from my saw handle.  There is some really nice curl in the section I cut off, and I wanted to show it off.  I finished them with my standard mix of Walnut Oil, and alternating coats of oil and superglue.

A couple of Keyrings

These key rings have a little bit of a secret.  They look like standard key fobs, but the top screws off to reveal a small tube inside.  Not very useful unless you want to have toothpicks with you always.  I’m going to use mine to keep a couple of pills in, for just in case I forget in the morning before heading to work.  The older you get, the more pills you have to take it seems.  I’ve got one that I need take daily, and sometimes I miss it rushing to the bus.  My stomach will not be happy with me if I skip it, so I thought I’ll keep a spare on me for rushed mornings.



  1. Anonymous Comment Leaving Person October 10, 2010

    What a drag it is getting up . . . . ♫

  2. Dave Stewart November 9, 2010

    I, too, love wood working. I really like your “keychains” – wish I’d thought of that. Nice work!

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