A Holiday Project starting

My son loves trains.  LOVES trains.  Like a lot.  He also specifically loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and we’ve spoiled the crap out of him with lots of trains from the Thomas series.  His birthday was last weekend, and he got a metric ton of new trains.  Which reminded me that I needed to make him a rack for displaying some of his trains (so we can clear some off of the floor or something.)

I got a start on it tonight, because Christmas is fast approaching.  I’m going to use my Stanley #45 to cut the grooves to keep the trains from falling out, after trying to make a scratch stock that didn’t turn out so well (you can see it in the top of the picture below) but I didn’t expect a lot of it.  I knew the #45 would work just fine.  So far I’ve cut the sides and top/bottom of the rack, and I’m going to dovetail the case together and then measure out the shelves after I get that done.

Lets just hope I can finish by the 25th. 🙂

The start of the train rack.

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  1. John Williams December 22, 2010

    It is wonderful to MAKE, rather than buy a toy for your child. I made my son a car parking ramp for his toy cars years ago. It came from “Santa” (when he still existed). His Thomas the tank engine and his HO model trains are now gone, but he still has the car parking ramp – I guess he figured out who Santa was.

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