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Blue Spruce Toolworks

Blue Spruce Toolworks

I went to the Lie Nielson Hand Tool event today to check out their latest offerings, and bask in the glow of expensive but totally worth it tools.  They had a couple of other guest exhibitors including Blue Spruce Toolworks out of Oregon.  I’ve admired his work from afar (i.e. the internet) but to see the tools up close and personal is hard to describe.  All of his work is absolutely top notch, functionally as well as aesthetically.  His chisels area amazing, his marking knives sublime.  And to top it all off, Dave is a really nice guy who knows his craft.

I picked out a nice Cocobolo marking knife for myself, for my upcoming birthday.  It was a bit of splurge, but it’s a really nice tool.  It will make the marking of dovetail pins a lot easier for sure, plus it’s quite a nice looking tool as well.

I heartily recommend checking out his wares.


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