Oak Furniture The British Tradition Reprinted? Yes!

Oak Furniture | The British Tradition – Victor Chinnery – 9781851490134 – Antique Collectors Club US.

Looks like one of the most sought after books on English Oak Furniture is going to finally get a second printing.  This book is the GO TO source for this stuff, and it’s really hard to find used.  We’re talking hundreds usually for this book.

A reprint is on it’s way according to the publisher’s site, which is fantastic news for us recreating these old styles or just studying them for new ideas.

Looks like it’s coming out some time in March.  Just in time for my birthday…

** edited ** Peter let me know that they apparently have a regular printing schedule as soon as they run out, they print more.  So, it remains to be seen whether it’s a full on second edition, or more of the same book printed again.  Either way, I’ll be happy because I’m going to get a copy.


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  1. Follansbee February 5, 2012

    It’s the same book as before. first published in 1979 & mostly in print since then. Shortly after its first publication, the thumbnail index of photos was added; but that’s the only change to it…

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