Badger Woodworks: The year in review.

Farewell 2012!  Hello 2013!

Farewell 2012! Hello 2013!

By the numbers I wrote 25 posts (not counting this one) in 2012 on a variety of topics.

I made a turning bow saw, a carved tool tote, marking gauge based on a period example, a six board tool chest for my son and two traditional carved storage boxes (which I will post final pictures of next year).  Not all of these things got posted to the blog, mostly because I don’t really have a good set up for taking quality photos yet.

This year was all about the carving for me, as I took strong leaps forward in terms of skill and knowledge in the area of traditional 17th century carving.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subject, and am considering a fairly large project this next year in this mental arena.  We’ll see, I’m not going to commit to it yet, because based on my post history my time to work on projects is fairly limited.  IF I feel like I can pull it off, it will involve a lot of writing, something I’m not great at so we shall see.

My top new tools for 2012 include:

  • Blue Spruce Marking knife
  • Shop Made Roubo Square in oak
  • Restored Stanley #7 Jointer Plane
  • Pair of Vintage Dividers

Skills that I feel I greatly improved this year:

  • Sawing to the line
  • Freehand Sharpening on Oilstones
  • Traditional Carving and layout

Areas that I really want to work on in 2013:

  • Use of nails.  I’ve been trying to use cut nails in my box work, but have some issues with splitting or chipping on boards.  I’m building my skills with traditional nailing, and nailed furniture but I have a long way to go.
  • More carving practice.  Lots more practice, I really am hoping to make a half dozen traditional carved boxes next year so I can learn some of the lessons that only come with practice.
  • Shop made tools.  I want to make a few more tools for my shop including a panel gauge, shooting board, and winding sticks.

I also have two classes coming up in 2013 at the Port Townsend School of Woodworking that I am very much looking forward to.

That’s the plan, who knows how it will hold up.  I’m not making any resolutions, because I don’t believe in making grandiose sweeping proclamations that I will never achieve.  I do make plans, and set reachable goals but don’t call them resolutions.

Happy New Year! and I wish all of you a big year of woodworking in 2013!




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