A visit to the Coyote Woodshop

I’ve been looking around for a local mill, preferably one that handled urban harvested woods.  I found the Coyote Woodshop through a web search and reached out to the owner to see what he could offer me.  David was very nice, and knowledgeable about the subject and on his invitation we set a trip out to visit his place out on Bainbridge Island.  (For those not local, it’s a quick ferry boat ride over the Sound.)   Also, there was a promise of baby goats for the kiddo, so we made a family day trip out of it.

After a tasty lunch at the Hitchcock Deli we headed down the road to check out David’s place.  It was probably 15 minute out of town, so local people should check this place out because it’s really much closer than I thought it would be.  David met us and sent me off to visit the wood shop while he pulled a pie out of the oven.  I snapped a few pictures of the wood shop and drooled over some of the woods he had available.   He has a nice selection of local woods all ready for amazing projects.

Wood from the Woodshop

Wood from the Woodshop 

Wood from the Woodshop

Wood from the Woodshop

Wood from the Woodshop

Wood from the Woodshop

Then we discussed what I’d come for, which was Alder for making a few carved boxes.  He took me out to his air dry shed, and we uncovered a big stickered pile of Alder that had been drying for two years.  Air dried carved better than kiln dried, and Alder carves well so this was a great find.  I pulled five boards 1″ x 6″ x 6′ and he showed me some White Oak he had next to it.  I pulled a quarter-sawn chunk to take home and try out carving on.  I’ve got them acclimating in my shop right now, and I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to breakdown one of the Alder boards into some usable chunks and start dressing it.    On a related note, I was able to acquire a vintage scrub plane from Josh over at Hyperkitten tools to help in the stock preparation.

Alder boards

Alder boards from Coyote

White Oak

White Oak

It was a nice trip for the family, and I got some locally harvested air dried wood for carving.

Plus, baby goats.



  1. Marilyn March 21, 2013

    Cool! I’m checkin’ that out.

  2. Badger March 21, 2013

    I emailed Mike about it, he was thinking of maybe doing a MWA field trip out that way.

  3. revmom13 March 28, 2013

    Oh, the joy of picking out all that wood! That’s what I like best about woodworking with hand tools. The wonderful feel and aroma of the woods as they are worked. Blessings, Trudy

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