The future and the past.

I find myself conflicted at times.  I love history, and old things.  I met my wife at a history re-enactor event, we collect old things, we study history and create things using old methods or designs (she loves all things fabric).  However, I also look to the future, I love robots and technology, I have a 3D printer (two actually) and love science and science fiction.

What does this have to do with woodworking?

I have found an intersection between those halves of me.  Or rather I have CREATED one.  I’ve been exploring 3D printing applications for historical woodworking.

Three things so far that I’ve made, and share for everyone to try out (if you have a 3D printer).


3D Printed Dovetail marking Templates


3D Printed Bench Dog


3D printed Marking Gauge

I’m kicking around a few other ideas as well, I think it would be possible to create things like planes and the like, but I am conflicted because they would be plastic which is just not as nice as wood.  However, you could create custom profiles if you got the base design figured out.  I’ve seen other creators doing other things, templates and the like.  Pocket hole jigs (if you’re into that sort of thing) have been made.  Dust collector adaptors, center finders, and even a sliding bevel.

I think that this could be a bridge between the old and the new, and help aspiring woodworkers dip their toes in for lower cost.  Sure it’s plastic, and will probably not last as long but it’s a way to get in and get started, easing a ramp into a wonderful and fulfilling hobby.


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