Carved box progress

All the Carved Panels for a box...

I managed to finish the end panels this afternoon while the kiddo was sleeping.  I’m taking my practice panels and making them into a box, because I’m pretty happy with the carving.   I’m going to rabbet the ends, nail it together with some wrought iron head nails I got from Rockler.  For the carving on the end panels, I picked one fan tail design for each panel, just to carry the theme around.  I even went back to my first panel, and fixed it up to be more in line with the other panels, since I’d improved on my skills a bit in the subsequent panels.

Just some trimming, and nailing to do to make the box sides, now to get some wood for a top and bottom for the box, since I don’t have anything big enough in the shop.  Speaking of trimming…

New 14" Lie Nielson Backsaw filed crosscut

Look what my lovely wife bought for me for my birthday!  It was earlier this month, but she knew the Lie Nielson hand tool event was coming to town, so she let me buy something there.  I have a dovetail marker coming too, something she’d wanted to get me for my Christmas stocking, but they were out of stock.

It’s a thing of beauty, as all the LN tools are, and it cuts well, and is a comfortable fit in the hand.  I’ve got some rip back saws, mostly antique store rusty treasure finds.  Just need to get them sharpened, or take another whack at it myself.



  1. Steve C. March 13, 2011

    Is the oak your using QSWO..?
    I’m using Flat sawn stock and I’m having to fight the grain to stay on line…!!! My carving’s so far is not even practice panel worthy…lol…
    I’m gong to regroup and get some QSWO and start again…

    Very nice carving’s….!!! and saw…

  2. Badger March 13, 2011

    Actually this is flat sawn as well. I am pretty happy with the control I get with it. Maybe you should check your grip? I’m using the grip that PF shows in his 17th century carving DVD.

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