Starting Some S Scrolls

A first S Scroll on a box front

I put my sketching from my previous post into practice tonight.  Once I get a few more of these done I’ll document the process, but I wanted to show off my first attempt.  It’s some half inch hardware store flatsawn Oak which is what it is, and I wish I could get better stuff but it’s what I can get in the City, and with my available time to track down the green stuff at almost nil, it will have to do.

I outlined the whole thing with various curves of chisels from my basic kit of chisels, and I was able to do pretty much everything with that set.  (See previous post on interpreting PF’s carving set into “Swiss Made” brand chisels.)

Once I had the outline set in, I took out the background where it made sense.  I was only doing one S tonight, and not the full set of four that will make the box front for this project.  I’m going to do four on the front, and repeat the motif on the back for the practice.  I might do something else on the side, probably something floral, or maybe just repeating the S Scroll motif if I feel like it.

I did make a new texture punch tonight as well, using a big nail I found at the hardware store.  It’s a smaller profile than my previous punch I made, and could fit into tighter corners.  Using both I was textured the background just to see how it looks, and I quite like the contrast it gives.

Anyway, off to bed, for I have to get up early for work tomorrow.


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