Some new carved work…

Happy Halloween!

This evening I spent some time with my son on a carving project.  He’s three years old, and is just starting to get excited about Halloween, and understand some of the traditions we typically do.  This year I found this great goofy looking pumpkin that was all lopsided, and I found the perfect face to put on it.  He is a big fan of Cat in the Hat, so I carved it for him using my chip carving knife, which turns out a is a great tool for carving lines into pumpkins.  And how I stretch the definition of woodworking post…  See I used a woodworking tool, it’s carving right?!

Flash on, with the Chip Carving knife in the foreground.

He drew the other one, and I carved it for him following his lines, and he had to help take the guts of the pumpkin out.  He was quite excited, and we had a good time.  Happy Halloween everyone!


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