Old German Workbench

My wife and were out Antique store browsing, and I ran across this interesting piece of work.

It’s supposedly from the 1800’s, and was German in origin.  The plate for the shoulder vise was missing, but otherwise it was complete.  It was very well worn, and had seen a lot of use in it’s day.  I couldn’t afford it, or had any space for it, but it was pretty cool to check out.

German Workbench 1800's

German Workbench 1800's

Stuff like this is pretty rare out here on the West Coast.  I’m sure those East Coast people are all like “whatever dude, I see five of those every time I turn around”.  Heh.



  1. Autumn Doucet May 7, 2012

    In what little haunt did you find this jewel? Like you, I rarely see anything like this in my neck of the woods (Washington state).

  2. Badger May 7, 2012

    It’s down at the “Pacific Galleries Auction and Antiques” in the Sodo area of Seattle.

  3. martin pepa January 5, 2013

    r u selling this workbech

  4. Badger January 5, 2013

    No, it’s just something I saw in an antique gallery.

  5. Kurt Stritz July 1, 2015

    Looks like your post was made a couple of years ago. What does something like this cost? What was the galleries asking price?

  6. Badger July 1, 2015

    Unfortunately I don’t remember the price, I think it was in the thousands? But it wasn’t something I was thinking of purchasing.

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