Wood carving Demo at Rockler

Well, I think I just passed some kind of milestone.  I did my first woodworking demo tonight.  The Northwest Woodworkers Association asked me to do a demo of my carving at their monthly meeting held at Rockler.  I think it went all right, they seemed to like it and I got some good compliments from the guys afterwards.  It was my very first demo, and I’m not what you’d call good at public speaking.  I was super nervous, but it went all right.

I’m teaching a class on Flat Relief Carving in April at this store, if any one is interested and I think there are at least a couple spots still open.   It’s a two day class, $100 for the whole thing and they are going to have tools available I think. This was a good warm up for the class that’s for sure.

Doing the Demo at Rockler

Doing the Demo at Rockler



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