Carving Class load out…

Loading up for the class

Loading up for the class

I was loading up for the Letter Carving class I’m teaching tomorrow at Rockler, and I was struck by the pile.  I guess I like to carve things… 🙂

In the back is the inside of my Anarchist Tool Chest Lid, emblazoned with “If it is worth doing, it is worth doing well.”  A practice board for my Tudor Rose class and my Shop Sign all finished up.

Then there is my six sided box, one of  my first carved boxes with the “arc” style design and my tool tote.

I’ve been thinking about making a “Dutch” tool chest, but I’ll need to find some good wide Poplar boards because carving pine is crap.  And I certainly can’t NOT carve it.  I have a reputation to protect. 😛

I am considering another carving class in the fall as well.

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